You are having trouble with the app.

If the app crashes (we certainly hope it doesn’t, but if it does…) please take your time to press ‘REPORT’ (or the equivalent in your local language) in stead of ‘OK’, this will automatically send us a detailed description about what happened behind the scenes. This way we can solve the problem as quick as possible.

If you’re having an other issue, send us an e-mail with a detailed description of your problem, we’ll try to help you within 48 hours.

You didn’t like the app.

Tell us what you didn’t like, that way we can try to do better next time.

You do like the app.

Please, tell us in every way you possibly can, and while doing that, might I suggest you also tell the world about it?

I’ve upgraded to Premium and now my game is slow.

This is a normal side-effect of running both the free version and premium version on one device. On every save-point the game will sync its progress between both versions. Since the game is constantly checking if both versions are in sync, this can effect the loading-times. Remove the version you don’t use anymore (I’m assuming that this will be the free version), this should solve the problem. If not, please contact us so we can try to fix this for you.

You have an other question or suggestion, you know (or are) Simon Carter, you are looking for a pen pal, …

Feel free to contact us at any time, for whatever reason.




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