Balls is a puzzle-game with a surprisingly easy gameplay, but don’t be fooled: this game will challenge you again and again. With 150 original levels, Balls will keep you busy for at least 10 hours.


At the start of each level a ball will spawn on every Start-Tile (the completely green tile with the arrow). You’ll get a few seconds, depending on the level you are playing, to study the puzzle and start preparing for the launch of the balls. When the preparation-time ends the ball(s) will start moving in the direction the Start-Tile is pointing at. It is your task to guide the ball to the Finish-Tile as fast as possible. The level is completed if one of the balls lands on an enabled Finish-Tile.


The rolling balls will always travel in a predictable fashion, they will move vertical or horizontal, never diagonal (or completely random). The ball will change direction if it hits a wall, the side of the map or an obstacle that forces the ball (No worries, this will make sence the moment you see the actual ball moving).

tutorial_page_3_img_1 tutorial_page_3_img_2

You interact with the ball by strategically placing diagonal walls on empty tiles. Tap once to plant a down-pointing wall (\), tap again to change it into an up-pointing wall (/), again to switch back, and so on…


Most of the time, you’ll notice there are diamonds spread around the level. If this is the case, the Finish-Tile will be disabled, in order to enable it you must collect all diamonds first. You should navigate the balls around the map to pick up all the diamonds.


Once you’ve collected all the diamonds, the disabled (yellowish) Finish-Tile will be enabled. Now you can finish by guiding a ball to the Finish-Tile.


New obstacle-tiles keep being introduced, this way the puzzles will constantly change and you’ll never feel like you’ve ‘beaten’ the game. Some obstacles will change your direction, others will change your speed. You’ll be teleported, killed, turn into a ghost-ball, …

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